In the coming few days most of our clients will be moved to our brand new server. Some have already been moved successfully without feeling it. Companies usually do not blog about their new server, but since we are super geeks we can not just pass on this because the specifications of this server are DROOL WORTHY. Let those that host with other companies read these specs and despair 🙂

CPU:12 Core with 24 threads AMD CPU which is not only faster then the equivalent than its Intel counterpart but is also more secure.

Ram: 128GB of RAM !! We can handle maybe 10,000 cheap shared domains, but in actually never go more than a few hundred clients on a server for extreme performance.

SSD: 6TB NVMe enterprise level ( yes 6TB you read it right )

HD : 6TB for Level 1 backups ( we also backup to separate server in same data center and to the cloud depending on your package )

And now for the Finale, the server is connected by a 10Gigabit connection to the internet, let me let this last one sink in for a bit, to to put this in perspective there are data centers in Egypt with hundreds of servers that have shared a connection less than this to all their clients servers!

So do we need all this? Yes we do, we do because we build sites that will stand proud when the social media and online marketing we do for you goes viral and generates hundreds of thousands of visitors in a few days, you can be rest assured that your site will take it even though you have not paid for a full server we will be able to scale your site because we have the capacity to serve millions of visits on this beast of a machine 🙂

Beam me up scottie.

Ehab Heikal