Social media management agency 

In an industry where most social media companies are less than three years old, we have over 10 years experience in managing social media of over one million followers for our clients. It is really hard to find an Egyptian social media company with more experience than UWD.

Our social media services are comprehensive and include

  • Social media planning and consultation
  • Social media page creation and design
  • Social post design and ideation
  • Full Social media “call center” to deal with every need of your clients.
  • Managing user comments and creation of customer service tickets
  • Answering messages and questions online
  • Liaising with your departments to follow customer services requests
  • Social media monitoring of competitors
  • Dealing with bad press and other social media crisis.
  • Creating a unified brand tone for dealing with your customers as if you were talking to them personally.
  • Following up with social trends and participate in them with the most suitable way to your brand identity.

Because addressing different age groups of different tastes, ideas, and intellectual trends are very difficult, you should be very careful when managing your company pages on social networking site, as you might inadvertently cause the destruction of the institution you belong in the blink of a simple error. With UWD you can be sure that your social media is handled by professionals that know how to deal with millions followers.

At UWD, we provide you with a solution to the hassle of monitoring and tracking your different accounts, thinking about the text or image content that you should provide to increase interaction with your products. We offer you the ability to address everyone, get closer to your customers, and find out where you are with your competitors with attractive content and at a lower cost than any advertising medium, which means greater audience and more sales.

Our clients