Reliable and fast hosting for Egypt

UWD is committed to providing our customers and their online properties the fastest internet connection, using our  dedicated servers in more than one European country. While most agencies in Egypt use USA for hosting since it is generally cheaper to host there, we think differently for the benefit of our clients. Due to the proximity of Europe to the Middle East, which contributes to the rapid response of your site and the ease and speed of uploading content to visitors. Our shared servers are not overcrowded like most budget shared hosting providers.  Where most hosting companies will host thousands of sites on a server, we limit ourselves to a couple of hundred or so sites. Not only that but any server regardless of number of clients will be upgraded if its CPU is used for more than 50% on a regular basis to keep the servers always running at the best possible performance. You can find it hard to find a comparable shared hosting service with other agencies in Egypt because most of them rely on cheap shared hosting reseller accounts which they do not fully control. 

Our hosting plans also include saving a backup copy to another datacenter (weekly or monthly) of your entire site content in case of any emergency or sudden failure that may result in the deletion of any system files or the contents of your site in order to reload or return it to its first state.

We not only offer shared hosting on Linux servers, but we also offer VPS, Cloud and fully managed dedicated server hosting.

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