We believe that businesses should have a declared moral and ethical stance. Ethical business is just an extension of ethical and moral living.
We thus believe in the following and strive to live up to it in all our business dealings.

  • We have to provide value to our clients, if our service does not add value to our clients we will advise them either to choose different services that we offer that will add value to them or not to use our services in the first place.
  • We believe that all humans are create equal. We believe that all humans are by birth brothers, that no race, color or religion should affect our judgment of fellow human beings. We thus are an equal opportunity employer and embrace diversity.
  • We believe in free speech, but we believe in non-violence and family values more than we believe in free speech. We thus do not offer our services to any entities that promote violence, hatred, terrorism, pornography in all its forms, non-medical nudity and any other action that is in contradiction to the above values.
  • We believe that all life is sacred, and thus do not offer services to companies that sell products that have scientifically proven considerable negative impact on human health and life like cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.
  • We believe in charity and provide our services at close to cost to such enterprises that we deem truly charitable.
  • We believe in the Internet and its power to as the ultimate tool in the communication and knowledge dissemination for the human race.
  • We believe that a company such as ours should always be on the cutting edge of technology but offer only solutions to its clients that are stable and mature.
  • We believe in open source, and that many software products should be free. We believe that monopoly on software and operating systems will on the long run lead to much less creativity and will hamper the ability of the Internet to reach its full potential in serving humanity.