Increase sales and customer satisfaction with a CRM system in Egypt

The Sales and Customer Management System (CRM) offers you a simple and “magical” way to increase sales and customer satisfaction and minimize the effect of loosing sales people. You can easily access customer data, transactions made through your website, and the integrated system database.

You can also keep detailed information about each customer in a specific file for future use if special advertising campaigns are required for a specific product, region, or category of customers.

You can also return to old agreements, send new offers to all your customers, and follow up your company’s marketing team and how efficiently they do their job.

In general, the advantages of the system can be described in the following points:

  • Manage everything related to the marketing process moment by moment.
  • Control the system from anywhere and easily access from various devices.
  • Easily and automatically enter new customer data.
  • The possibility of integrating the telephone system in your company with the system database.
  • Manage sales process from start to finish.
  • Send and receive emails and keep them within the system and link them to the client file.
  • Project management and various tasks among team members.
  • Send alerts to meeting schedules and final delivery dates for the sales and marketing teams in your company.

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