Strange title? What does the internet have to do with the Coronavirus? Well, a lot actually. Besides a way to help disseminate information (and sadly misinformation) about ways to stop the virus from spreading there are a lot of things, the internet can do to help.

First of all, travel less. One of the main problems in modern times is that easy worldwide travel has increased the roads that viruses can hitchhike a ride (on a human that is) to get to the other side of the world. Online meetings and the hundreds of ways to communicate online across the globe should be used to the fullest not only to help reduce the spreading of this or any virus but also to reduce our carbon footprint globally and reduce pollution.

Traveling less is very similar to this next one, commute less. With fewer people at work, the possibility of spreading viruses is reduced significantly. Working at home is now a very real possibility for most skill-based jobs, be it accounting, marketing, telesales, web design, internet marketing, SEO ( oh yes everything UWD does, to prove it this is being actually written at home ). Such a reduction in the number of people that one person can transmit viruses to both at work and in mass transit can save the lives of many people.

The Internet can make humans move less and thus the hitchhiking viruses move less, meet fewer people on their way too.

We can offer our clients many solutions that enable companies to take control of the communication of employees that work at home or that have flex work conditions.